Research Desk

Robust, multi-asset coverage of global markets.

Axecap is blazing the path for financial market solutions which successfully combine the invaluable experience of senior research analysts with algorithms. While we have a line of fully automated, quant-based analytics, we also have global team of expert research analysts available to support your investors on their self-directed journeys. Our analyst team is integral to our business. Well familiar with chart patterns and market psychology implied, Axecap analysts consistently help in pin-pointing price movements. In this way, our charts and analytics are sharpened to facilitate you into making educated trade decisions.

A global team of expert analysts to guide your customers through our products & the markets.

Experience the approachable and personable advantage of human content. Our global team of research analysts are there to draft quality blogs on popular topics, newsletters on investment strategies, and guide webinars on how to use our products and navigate the markets. Meanwhile, our professional reporters record high-quality video content on financial market news and trade ideas that you will love.

Robust, multi-asset coverage of global markets.

Our research team comprises of senior analysts with STA, MsTA or CMT qualifications with services such as custom-watchlist reporting, directional opinions, multi-factor trade recommendations and entry/exit timing.

Their unique research is award-winning and combines a chartist approach with mathematical indicators. All strategies are back-tested against historical data to ensure a consistent trend is represented across various timeframes.

Robust, multi-asset coverage of global markets.

Our global research desks are experienced research analysts who monitor the financial markets at all times, while offering investors educational support, trade ideas and an independent professional opinion 24/5. Take a look at the skilled professionals backing our research:

  • Rémy Gaussens

    Global Head of Technical Analysis

    Rémy has over 15 years experience in financial markets. Before joining us in 2003, he worked for the CIC. He is the author of “Optimize your investment strategies”, and has been invited as a guest speaker to many well known financial conferences.

    Nicolas Suiffet

    Head of European Research

    Nicolas has over 10 years experience in financial markets. Before joining us, Nicolas served as market economist for Exane BNPP and Société Générale. He conducts educational activities, writes articles and has been regularly invited as a guest speaker to financial seminars in Europe.

    Jean-Christophe Rolland

    Senior Equity Analyst

    Jean-Christophe has a Bachelor of Finance from Paris Dauphine Univeristy and a Masters from ESCP-EAP Business school.
    Jean-Christophe joined us in 2004 to provide research and trading ideas on equities for institutional & private banks.

    Christophe Chevalier

    Senior FX Analyst

    Christophe has an STA Level 1 & 2 from the Society of Technical (UK), an MS in Financial Trading ESLSCA France’s elite financial education university and an MBA from ISC Paris Business School. He joined us in 2007, bringing over 11 years experience in financial markets.

    Philippe Delabarre

    Senior Technical Analyst

    Philippe Delabarre is a senior technical analyst. Following 2 years in investment banking at Oddo Securities as a junior technical analyst, he has joined us since 2009. After running the Canadian research team in Ottawa in 2016, his job is now mainly to look for equity investment opportunities.

    Théo Ramos

    Junior Technical Analyst

    Théo has a Master's degree in Finance and Financial Risk Management from the University of Rouen. Théo joined us in 2020 as a junior technical analyst to assist the team in producing research on the equity markets.

  • Gary Christie

    Head of North American Research

    Gary has over 15 years in financial markets. Prior to joining us, he served as an equity & derivatives specialist with TD Bank and Bank of America. Gary is regularly quoted in Bloomberg News, conducts many education and market outlook webinars for investment institutions all over the world and has been a guest speaker at the New York Traders Expo.

    Luis Leon

    Technical Analyst

    Luis graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Finance and has completed level 1 of the CFA. Luis participated in an international exchange program with the University of Chile in Santiago where he studied Strategic Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions and Trends & Challenges in Latin American Markets. Luis joined us in 2021 as an Analyst to assist the team in stock picking, research and commodity futures/forex analysis.

  • Jeffrey Zhang

    Head of APAC Research

    Jeffrey has over 10 years experience in financial markets. Before joining us in 2007, he worked at Agricultural bank of China and FinanceOne Financial consulting Co in Shanghai. He has been invited as a guest speaker to many financial conferences in Asia and is often quoted by Bloomberg News.

    Ming Lam

    Technical Analyst

    Ming graduated from Hong Kong University with a Bachelor
    degree in mechanical engineering. He has been working in the financial services sector for over 10 years. He is currently tasked with providing clients with technical analysis views on forex and Asian stock indexes.

    Medion Jim

    Equity Analyst

    Medion has 5 years of experience working in financial markets. Before joining us, he worked at the FX signal provider company, Trendsitter Financial Market Ltd. Medion has a Bachelor of Finance from La Trobe University and a CMT Level 1.

    George Lam

    Technical Analyst

    George Lam is a technical analyst attached to our Hong Kong Office. George graduated from the University of Manchester with a bachelor's degree in economics, and has been engaged in the financial analysis field in Hong Kong for about 10 years.

  • Recognized Industry Leaders

    Our research team as well as their unique methodology and market insight is well respected within the financial industry, and often quoted by trusted media around the world including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Dow Jones. They’re frequently offered speaking opportunities at leading public events such as the New York Trader’s Expo, and the Global Independent Research Conference.

    Award-winning research.

    The quality of our research is demonstrated by its position as a finalist within the Technical Analyst Awards for ten consecutive years.

    Research you can trust

    As members of Investars and the Integrity Research Associates, our Research promotes independent opinion, free from conflict of interest. Our tools are all you need to make data-driven investment decisions. Conduct comprehensive stock research, find new investment ideas, analysis, and follow the best-performing Wall Street experts, with ease.